It’s time again to renew your membership dues to our iConnectSolutions user group — the user community for all NewsCycle Solutions products. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a strong user community and all of the opportunities membership provides for your business!

Your $125 annual membership gets your organization daily access to our Google Group mailing lists that is represented by over 50 media companies worldwide. Membership also gives your organization the ability to have a direct voice in NewsCycle software development by voting participation in the Customer Enhancement Forum.

In addition to the regular feedback the mailing lists brings you, the user group board is working with NewsCycle Solutions to bring you additional webinars and/or business solution polls on current demands within our industry.

All of this activity leads up to our annual conference in the spring.

Membership is required for attendance to the conference.

Don’t miss out on everything the user community brings to your business!

If you have any questions about membership, please access the Membership area of the iConnectSolutions Bylaws or feel free to contact me directly.

Leslie Rietfors

Treasurer, iConnectSolutions

Swift Communications

501 8th Avenue, Greeley CO 80631

Office: (970) 352-0211 x11712


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